The links below will take you to a database report of the camera repair parts that we stock, sorted by part number. Most of the parts are brand new old stock. If a part is used (generally just external parts are used) it will be marked as such in the last field of the report. All prices are for one each of the part listed. The database is kept up to date and the quantity shown is the actual quantity available for sale. This is a constant work in progress as we inventory over 100,000 new parts so if you don't see the part you need,, please ask. We have indicated the model of camera or flash that the part will fit when it is available but for some parts this information is not know. If you have any questions, please send an email with part description and we can most likely identify what you need through our parts manuals. In some cases it may be necessary to send a photo of your needed part with your email. Please note that even though the model may be listed, some parts will fit more than one model of camera.

UNITED STATES SHIPPING CHARGES: Flat rate of $6.00 per shipment sent via USPS Priority Mail Small Flat Rate box. Items less than $25 that do not need to be boxed can be sent via USPS First Class Mail in a padded envelope for $4.00

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES: For parts that are less than $25 that do not need to be boxed, I can send via USPS First Class Mail for a cost of $8.00. Orders over $25 are generally sent via USPS Priority Mail Small Flat Rate box at a cost of $26. Keep in mind that International shipments sent via First Class Mail or Small Flat Rate Box can take 30-40 days to arrive from date of posting to some countries as items get delayed in customs. Most shipment take around 14 days to arrive..

ORDERING INFO: We accept cashiers checks, money orders, or PayPal for United States shipments. For International shipments, PayPal is accepted.